Alright Co. - EP14

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Meet Daniel “El Papi,” creator of Alright Co. - “bringing you alright designs since 2017.” Daniel, who’s twenty five now, finished high school eight years ago in 2010. Post grad life was spent working in a fruit market until his long time drawing hobby took him to college to study art with the goal of becoming a tattoo artist. It took a bit of time for him to find the right apprenticeship after that, but he did and has been for tattooing six years since. His style favors a strong outline, loads of colors, and is reminiscent of an old cartoon/comic style. 

Born and raised in Australia, Daniel just recently moved to Berlin with his girlfriend as a sort of work holiday. He’s tattooing locally, and together they’re exploring all that Europe has to offer. As an artist, it’s been a super positive and influential experience for Daniel. 

It was when the two of them were out to dinner one night (back in Australia) that they came up with the idea of a perfectly “alright” brand. Nothing to brag about, nothing posh… just alright. Similar to NOTABRAND (EP 5), Alright Co. is a sort of anti-brand brand. His girlfriend, who studies marketing, is the brains behind the operation, while his art is the foundation. 

We actually heard this same line of thought last week during our chat with Adam from The Hounds! It really comes down to the “why” behind what you’re doing. If you don’t love what you make, why are you making it? Yet, at the same time you have to be your own harshest critic. Love your product, and hate your product - it’s a beautiful paradox. 

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Going forward, Daniel is taking things slowly with Alright Co. and he likes it like that. New designs are on their way - he really wants to try and keep it simple, and nice to look at. 

Future plans are to include other artists in his designs - collabs! 

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For Daniel, the process of going from an idea to a product starts with the design. Your first design is really the first building block on top of your brand. Alright Co. is the brand, but what does that really mean? The first design is the answer to that question.

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Or in other words as Daniel coined (you heard it here first folks):

Final words from Daniel “El Papi”...

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Moral of the story - love what you do, and don’t stop. Thanks Daniel :)




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