Madhappy - EP15

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Meet Noah, cofounder of Madhappy. In high school, Noah wasn’t the best  student, but he was creative due in part to his parents background: his father was an architect and his mother an interior designer. He always dressed a little sharper and cared about what he was wearing. One of his brother’s friends, Mason, took notice, and reached out to Noah asking to meet. That’s when he pitched the idea of starting a clothing line. They knew nothing about the clothing industry at the time - all they knew was that they had a passion for clothing. So, for two years, Noah and Mason went to downtown LA every day with a mission to create a t-shirt, a long sleeve, and a sweater. In the months it took to create those three pieces, they learned everything about fabric, textiles, factories, minimums, and more. By the time he was nineteen years old, Noah had put out his first clothing line with Mason: Us by Mason and Noah. 

At the same time, Noah was interning for Ugo Mozie. He had taken an interest in Ugo’s work when he began following him on social media. He didn’t know exactly what he did at the time, but all of his posts featured creative shoots and way cool clients. So he reached out asking for an internship and he got it. So for two years, Noah worked with Mason and Ugo to develop his knowledge and skill in the world of fashion. Now his clientele boasts of characters from the NBA and 5 Seconds Of Summer. 

I asked Noah how his work with Ugo and as a stylist has affected his work in design. His answer was simple, but practical:

Eventually, Us by Mason and Noah came to an end. They made an amazing product line, but the price points were so high. They realized that, in order to scale, they had to do something different. One day, Mason came up with the name Madhappy and they both loved it. They like to leave the name up to individual interpretation, but it essentially stands for an optimistic outlook on life. If you accept the ups and downs and go with the flow, you’ll be Madhappy! 

So, they started over, only this time with two plus years of experience under their belts and a couple more people on their team: Noah’s brother and another one of their best friends. Needless to say, things are taking off. They’re only fourteen months in and already have five pop ups to their resume. Now they’re just trying to keep up with the pace. Noah and the team are doing their best to keep their e-commerce up while building local love too. 

Right now, Madhappy has a popup store in Williamsburg, New York and one on Melrose Place in Los Angeles. Clothing wise, Noah and the team are working on a small capsule for July and a bigger drop in August. Beyond that, they’ve got two popups planned in December - locations TBA. Stay tuned ;)

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One of Noah’s first piece of advice was patience:

He followed it up with something equally as important: stick to the mission.

Next, Noah got practical. 

Then I asked Noah about collaborating - how to go about it. Before closing in 2017, Colette was the one retail space where Madhappy existed and they had a great relationship, so when they store announced its closing, Noah and the crew knew they needed to do something special. It was organic, and that’s exactly how Noah likes to do things at Madhappy, especially when it comes to collaboration. Pairing your brand up with another shouldn’t be taken lightly, the synergies have to match between the two if you want to stay true to your mission. 




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