Cam Earven - EP1

The Story

All through high school, all he wanted to do was skate, meet girls, drink, and be a kid. While all of his friends were going to college and figuring things out, he was still just being a kid. He started getting into the street art and graffiti world. Around 2004, Cam’s passion for street art turned into a desire to start a clothing line, but he didn’t know how. He figured, instead of spending his money on other print shops, he’d learn to do it himself. He slowly began acquiring the tools and knowledge to print his first t-shirts. After investing so much of his time and effort into printing, he figured he should follow through and start a career as a printer. That’s when he got a job as a designer at a print shop, all the while developing his own brand: Monument Limited. 

Monument Limited became a sort of moniker so synonymous with his person, that when he openned his own print shop, he had no other choice but to call it Monument Limited. It’s a brand that’s stuck with him since he was 23 (he’s 35 now!).

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In September of 2016, Cam had already been running Monument Limited print shop for three and a half to four years. At this point he was still trying to figure out how to market his business. He kept hearing about video, video, video, but he knew he didn’t want to be producing cinematic “commercials” for his print shop - he wanted it to be more authentic. He just didn’t know how he was going to do it until he experienced YouTuber Casey Neistat. He began binge-watching Casey’s content when he thought to himself, “I can do this.” His background in nonlinear video editing gave him a head start, so he set a date to release his first vlog and started practicing.

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His YouTube channel The Print Life, “screen print tutorials & daily vlogs,” now has over 7,000 subscribers and nearly 400,000 views. 

The Now

Moving forward, Cam is putting his YouTube channel first. Of all the things he expected to come from The Print Life, the community (The Print Fam) was last on the list, but it’s what he values most of all now. 

He plans on scaling back on Monument Limited, branding it as a high-end, hand-made print studio, rather than a big contract printer. 

Last thing on his list is an exciting new project that formed as a result of the community surrounding The Print Life. As soon as he started the vlog, he got call after call from screen printers asking about his website, so he’s developing his website into a subscription-based/cloud-based system where other print shops can utilize what he’s already built. 

The Advice

Cam gave advice in two major areas: advice towards those looking to start printing as a career and advice towards those looking to print for their own brand. 

Printing as a career: 

Don’t worry about the competition. The earlier you can start a service based business, the better off you’ll be. With the power of the internet you’ll be able to get at least a job or two a week. Keep your day job (for him it was plumbing) until printing can take care of you. 

Printing for a brand: 

With few exceptions (Flag Nor Fail), when you start studying printing, it requires so much to get to a point where you’re producing a product that you’re proud of, that it doesn’t make sense to print for just your own brand. If the sole goal is to run a brand - there are printers out there who could do it for you. Your money, time, and energy would be better spent focussed on marketing. 

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